A Leader We Can Trust

Lies. Cover-ups. Character assassination. Bullying. Conspiracies. Murder. Fraud. Manipulation.

None of it is new.

Satan has been using every tool at his disposal for thousands of years in a relentless attempt to distract Jesus followers from trusting their Leader.

But our Leader is not a king or a pharaoh; a ceasar or a prime minister; a chairman or a president. Our Leader is the Creator of the earth and everything in it; the Master of every atom and molecule; the only one who has ever conquered death never to die again. Our Leader is the Ruler of the Universe.

The election on November 8, 2016 will not change Jesus’ status: He will still sit at the right hand of the Father to carry out God’s will and work in our world. Nothing can alter the course He has laid out for us. No email scandal or offensive video will derail God’s control.

Please don’t make a grave mistake and put your trust in the outcome of an election. The results of this election will not surprise Jesus. He has a plan and nothing can stop Him. Nothing could be more certain.

Jesus is the Leader, Master, Ruler, and President of all who follow hard after Him.

Trust Him.

2 thoughts on “A Leader We Can Trust”

  1. Thank you. This is it….. exactly. If God is sovereign at all, then He is sovereign over all…. all the time.

  2. Thank you, Jim, for this timely message. As Christians we need to be reminded who our true Leader is. So much of the mess we are in is because we turned to government to be our sufficientcy . I think some true repentance is in order. Isn’t it in the book of Peter that says “Judgment begins at the House of God”?

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