Three Anniversaries. One Day.

This morning I watched the news shows replay the twelve year old video clips of planes flying into the World Trade towers and the Pentagon. The broadcasters also reminded us of the attack in Benghazi one year ago where four more died at the hands of terrorists. These are branded into the American conscience as unspeakable tragedies which claimed the lives of almost three thousand people.

As I watched the gruesome video of people jumping out of burning towers, I wondered how many people who died in these terrorist attacks heard the Good News about how much Jesus loves them; of a life full of purpose and meaning when lived for and with Christ? How many of their loved ones have the same kind of hope I have about where Lois is today?

Jesus, the Christ, the son of the Living God, gave us two uncomplicated responsibilities: (1) Love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and start by loving your neighbor as much as you love yourself. (2) Go make disciples teaching them everything Jesus taught us; baptizing them as a sign of the new creation at work.

How are we doing? Is the church functioning correctly? Is the Body of Christ reaching out to others in expressions of genuine love, care, and acceptance? Are we feeding the hungry? Coming alongside single parents? Do our neighbors and co-workers see the authentic truth at work in us through our actions?

The church isn’t perfect because we are not perfect people. There will be power players, private agendas, people trying to build their own little kingdoms, leaders who say things they don’t mean, pastors who get mad, delegates who stuff ballot boxes . . . We need to humbly admit our sin and short comings and get on with the task of reaching out to people who are desperate for hope.

For the past three years I’ve written about my wife on this day; her life, our journey with cancer, and her death on 9-11-09. We had thirty-four years and twenty-six days together and she is missed, but we all celebrate the reality of her presence with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is my desire to honor her love – her legacy – by giving my all to living out the Great Commission through an unwavering commitment to the Great Commandment.

Will your life go on as usual tomorrow?