In 1 Samuel 16 we find Jesse and his sons in Bethlehem. They didn’t have any idea what was going on and it would be years before they recognized the significance of what took place that day. God sent Samuel to choose the next king for Israel and directed him to Jesse’s sons but none of the boys present had God’s approval. Samuel asked and found out there was one more son.  Jesse and the older sons referred to him as the “runt, the little one who is mostly unnoticed.”

When Samuel laid eyes on David he immediately knew: That’s the one!

I wonder how many times David recalled the moment when he was chosen.  How many times did he look back and find strength and courage? Was it the memory of that moment that gave him the character to respond in repentance? To face enemies? To deal with defeat and betrayal?

Being chosen, especially when we feel overlooked and unnoticed, makes us feel good. But more than that, being chosen boosts confidence and develops character. Those experiences become the foundation for even greater things in the future. God has chosen you, too.

As followers of Jesus we are “anointed” with the Holy Spirit – God is with us.

To borrow Eugene Peterson’s words, “Out of your insignificant, sheep-keeping obscurity, you are chosen.”*

Don’t ever forget.

*Peterson, Leap Over a Wall, p17