Many years ago we were living in Bloomington, Indiana home of Indiana University which has a world-renown music department.  I recall attending two graduate piano recitals within a couple of weeks of each other with a professor who has amazing musical gifts. After the second recital he pointed out the subtle difference: Both were technically perfect but one played with emotion; coaxing out of the instrument color and texture, tone and vibrancy. The distinctions were significant and you might guess which one we enjoyed the most.

Life in the Household of Faith can become plain and technical unless we give it special attention. We dare not allow our gatherings to become perfunctory or superficial. The primary way to avoid becoming mechanical or routine in our worship is to become a participant; to get involved. Each one of us has an obligation to serve one another – worship and service are inseparable.

The beginning of a new school year is a great opportunity to get involved in worship – to challenge each other to follow Jesus better. There are all kinds of ministry opportunities with both children and adults, music and media, teenagers and guests. Find your place in the Household of Faith to coax out the color and texture, tone and vibrancy of life with Jesus.

2 thoughts on “COLOR, TEXTURE, TONE . . .”

  1. Vibrancy in worship and it’s inseparable partner of service-hand in hand. Give us wisdom Lord.
    Thanks, Jim.

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