Thirty-five Years Ago Today

Thirty-five years ago today it was very hot in Omaha, NE. I remember a lot of details of that day when Lois and I were married. Both her Mom and Dad escorted Lois down the aisle and the first thing she said to me was, “It’s plastic!” We both laughed.

Lois had attended a wedding where the aisle runner was plastic and the bride’s shoes made a zipping sound with every step. She’d told the story often and said that at her wedding the aisle runner would be paper or cloth. Oops! Every wedding we attended or were involved in for the next 34 years always brought up the question, “Will it be paper or plastic?”

I’ve had several calls, emails and text messages today from people saying they’re thinking of me. Thanks. I appreciate it. Your friendship, thoughtfulness and expressions of concern are a wonderful reminder of God’s boundless love.

I miss the laughs and the fun times we shared. I miss praying with her. I miss the conversations and especially the silence we loved to share. I miss seeing her at the kitchen table with an open Bible and her notebook. I miss her, but I’m also very grateful for the memories we made.

Missing Lois does not make me sad; I’m not depressed or lonely or hopeless. I treasure the memories but I’m not overwhelmed. It’s good to remember. I’m not sad that Lois has gone to Heaven. I’m not even sad that I’m still here. Instead, as Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25:1-23, I’m living life full speed ready for the call of the Master.

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