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Ken and Marla (pseudonyms) were five years into their marriage when they called asking to meet. I’d known them for the past four years and to an outsider they seemed to have a “fairy tale” family. It didn’t take long to learn that beneath the façade of great looks, fancy cars, and a huge house in the best location, both of them were ready to call divorce lawyers.

Several weeks ago I received two calls on the same day from First CU Church of Dunkerville (pseudonym). The first call was from the pastor and the other from one of the elders. The pastor was angry and ready to leave because he felt the expectations for his time were unreasonable. The elders were frustrated because the pastor wasn’t helping enough with the church remodeling project.

Yesterday I spoke to a church leader who is trying to navigate through some very heated decisions on where to spend a chunk of money received from an estate. He explained, “It wouldn’t be so difficult if there were only two sides but everyone has an opinion and is claiming their idea to be the most spiritual.”

All three of these situations resulted in one question: “Where are your priorities?”

Worshipping and serving God as a team in a covenant marriage? Or the selfishness of relationships that says, “What’s in it for me?”

Is the advancement of the Kingdom of God the number 1 priority? Or has the church facility become an idol?

What’s more important? Personal preferences and private agendas or the recognition that investing resources in people is what reaches other people for the Kingdom of God?

What is your priority?

2 thoughts on “Kingdom Priorities”

  1. Worshiping and serving God as a team(which I believe is God’s call on your life and your marriage)is the 1st priority! I believe if these are in synch with God’s plan for your life it will work (valleys as well as mountain tops).The advancement of the Kingdom of God and the recognition that investing resources in people (not buildings, although some care of the building is needed) is what reaches other people for the Kingdom of God. Not necessarily numbers of people, but people discipled to produce other disciples turned on to the spiritual values so important to one’s relationship with God.

  2. a couple of the stories reminded me to let you know about BlessingPoing Ministry–if you have not already heard of them. Recommend you take a look at their www and consider calling them to partner with C.U. We will be having a Healing the Heart of Your Church Workshop/Retreat Aug. 22. Rev. Mark Barnard comes highly recommended as does the author of the book–Dr. Kenneth Quick. visit for more info. Mark met with our leadership to do an overview; it looks great–not just another seminar or book to read.

    Blessings on your service to CU. Jim

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