Noticing More of God

Mark Buchanan writes, “The secret remedy for almost all our slowheartedness is to practice the presence of God. This one thing has the power to break borderland’s gravitational hold. Jesus walks the road to Emmaus with those disciples, if only they noticed. Jesus is in the midst of our days and our events, our weeks and our weaknesses, our rising up and our lying down. If only we noticed.” (“Your God Is Too Safe” p.148)

We’re noticing more of God’s presence. His presence doesn’t necessarily make things easier but it does give meaning to what we are experiencing.

Lois has had some difficult days. Sunday through Tues she experienced a significant amount of nausea and vomiting. Wed she woke up feeling really good and actually went to Joy’s house for a couple of hours in the morning and then slept most of the afternoon. Thurs she felt well enough to go to Joy’s house but came home not feeling well and ended up with severe nausea and vomiting and discomfort in her belly.

Thursday night the family celebrated Sarah’s birthday at the local park and Lois missed it. She was just too sick to get out. That was hard. I put my arms around Kari and Joy as they cried just before we all went home. It was a great 3rd birthday party but someone was missing. Jeremy and Kari brought the birthday girl to the house so she could at least see “BaBa” but it just wasn’t the same.

John and Mary – Lois’ brother and sister – came for a visit on Friday. Mary left to drive back to New Richland, MN just before noon on Sat but John had to drive back to Omaha Fri night. We really appreciated their visit even though Lois had a rough day on Friday. Saturday morning she felt well enough for a good conversation with Mary.

The Hospice nurse has been here twice this week. We keep “tweaking” the medication looking for more consistent relief from the nausea, vomiting and discomfort in Lois’ belly. My wife – who never took any medication on a regular basis – now has a score of prescription and OTC drugs!

Thanks for sharing this part of the journey with us!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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  1. Jim – you and Lois are in my daily prayers. I lost my Mom two years ago, so I know a little of what your girls are going through. It’s very hard! I will lift them up as well as the little ones. My grandchildren will not long remember their “Great Granny Barrett” and that is one of the saddest parts. I am singing a song at church called “Knowing You’ll Be There” and one of the lines is “knowing you’ll be there makes it easy to go home” — Heaven will only be sweeter with Lois there. How does anyone without that hope get through times like these? Your witness is such a testimony to those around you. Be strong and of a good courage! Love you all! Laura

  2. September 5, 2009 at 21:30

    Dear Jim and Lois, Not much to say at this time only to let you know we are praying much for you and the family. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We know our time is not too far away and we only trust we can be as faithful to the end as you both have been. We pray
    God will continue to use you to be an encouragement to the many who are walking this journey with you. Much love and prayers, Ron & Pauline

  3. Thanks for sharing during this diffucult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Can we help in some way? We are hoping for peace and rest for Lois. Jim take care of yourself also. Limon and Carolyn

  4. Your lives mininister deeply to us. It is beautiful the way you, Jim, are caring, serving, and preparing Lois for what awaits her–to be in the Lord’s presence. Your journey is helping all of us, especially your family, to better know how to walk through sickness with someone you love. Lois, you are such a trooper and blessing to us as always. God is using your lives in a very special way. Your hurts affect our lives. We pray for you and lift you up to our wonderful God. -Jerry & Esther Naylor

  5. Lois and family,
    Please know your entire family is being held up in our prayers. I feel so deeply for your children. I remember what it was like to loose a parent (father) and I remember watching my mother fight cancer twice so far in her life. God has such big hands and loving arms to hold us all in when we go through these times. Lois thank you for the impacts you have made down through the years on my chilrens lifes. They both always want to know if I know anything new about you. DC still has the blanket you made him for his graduation. And Ra Chell always has enjoyed your letters or notes to her. As Dave and I were talking last week. It is easy to remember Peter and Carrie. But has been so long since seeing Joy. It is harder to remember her. But we agreed I thought she was a very nice girl. And Dave and I remembered she always seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and was always happy. She just seemed to treat all people nicely. Just wanted your family to know the Felton family is keeping you in our prayers. Vicki Felton and family

  6. Hi Jim & Lois
    We have returned from our month long trip to Canada. It was beautiful but rainy and cold. Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts are with you both.
    The Lord has blessed us by bringing you into our lives and knowing Lois all these years. Lois you have always been an inspiration to us.
    Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
    Our prayers are with you John & Stef

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