Lois is OK but having a lot of discomfort. She has a hard time keeping food down the past few days. Hospice has outlined a plan for her care and we are giving special attention to making sure she is as pain-free as possible.

Many thanks for all your prayers, calls, cards, etc. You are a blessing!

We’ll post more details later this week.

I received a harsh but well deserved chastisement last week.

It’s true. The past few weeks have been intense and I haven’t taken any full days off since July 4&5.

Therefore, I am taking days off for the rest of this week and through (US) Labor Day. I hope to be back “up to speed” by Tuesday, September 8.

9 thoughts on “Rest”

  1. Jim, My heart goes out to you and Lois. We have had her in our prayers for a long time and will keep going. Please feel free to spend as much time with her as you can and don’t feel at all guilty about it. God expects us to take care of our families first. Continue to look up and trust Him to care for the both of you FOREVER. Thank you for the updates. Sherry

  2. Jim,
    We are continuing in prayer for you both, If there is anything I can do to ease your load, let me know.
    God bless!

  3. Hi Jim and Lois,
    Praying for your free time to be very special with lots of good talks and quiet times together. May you sense God’s perfect love during this special retreat of time and be encouraged and renewed knowing He is there at every hour of need.
    Blessings for your family. Donna

  4. Am thankful you can be home together. My heart is SO heavy and I am struggling with the “why’s”, even though I know there will be no answers in this life. Thanks for the continued updates. Our prayers continue. Much love, Carol

  5. We love both of you and our hearts ache for you. Portions of Psalm 34 were so helpful and comforting to my family as my mother suffered through (and eventually died from) cancer. Maybe they will help you, too. You have been such an inspiration to us in your lives and witness, to the glory of God. Thanks for letting His light shine through both of you! We send our love and frequent prayers. Steve and Miriam Crouch and family

  6. Why is it that I can’t revel in the love God is showing to you. Instead I am sad, sad that my friends have to go through this, sad that my friendship here with Lois is coming to an end, sad that your family will not live to be old with Lois’s prayers covering them with blessings. So willing to say wonderful words to encourage you all, but feeling the sadness that comes with grief, and knowing how Jesus felt at Lazareth’s tomb. I know that glory will come to God because of you, but… oh how selfish I am.

  7. Hi Jim and Lois. Glad you are taking some well deserved time off, Jim. You two continue to amaze me with your grace and acceptance. It seems an oxymoron, but you have such peace in your fight. It is inspiring. Thank you for continuing to share your story, and for strengtheing my faith and challenging me through your witness.

  8. Hi Jim and Lois,
    You both are in our thoughts and prayers. I cannot share with going through losing a spouse but have lost a sister, both of our parents and a neice. If heaven is as wonderful as I have read about then it will be something to behold! May God go with you, and your family as you all go through this time and give you peace unspeakable.

  9. Jim & Lois,
    We continue to lift you up in our prayers. It was not so long ago that our family was fighting this same fight and also discovering God’s immense peace. You continue to be a blessing to those of us you allow to go thru this with you, prayerfully at your side. We love you guys. Let us know if there is anything we can do. The Chaplin family

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