God is at Our Side

The past two weeks we have experienced God at work in so many ways that our hearts are full of praise and thanksgiving. We are reminded of Psalm 24:5-6, “God is at our side; with God’s help we will make it. This is what happens to God –seekers, God-questers” (My paraphrase).

Two weeks ago today we discovered that the infuser, what we refer to as the fanny-pack pump, had not been started properly; the result of which was that I disconnected it on Sunday morning, July 12, flushed the lines, injected the heparin and removed the needle! All went well and my worked passed inspection! That was an answer to prayer because Lois and I really wanted her to be able to come to camp. However, the delay meant Lois dealt with the effects longer but still had a great week and was able to attend all the worship services!

On Thursday evening, July 16, she spiked a fever and woke up with it on Friday. One of our key staff, a woman who is very sensitive to God’s leading, took a group to our room and laid hands on Lois and prayed for her. The fever broke! Another answer to prayer and as a result Lois felt well enough to pack and load the car.

We enjoyed a visit from Lois’ sister, Beth, and her daughter Jordan who arrived on Sunday evening. Since Beth was here we had family over on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings and, in another answer to prayer, Lois had the strength to enjoy the whole family.

Wednesday morning Beth and Jordan left to drive back to Colorado Springs just a few minutes before Lois and I had to leave for Iowa City and Infusion #27.

The lab work was OK but nothing to be too excited about and so the Dr. ordered an injection to give Lois’ system a boost. He also told us the CEA number, the tumor marker, was elevated some and confirmed that we would have a CT scan and full labs on August 19.

The infusion and fanny-pack pump went in without any challenges – another answer to prayer! Lois is tired and has some slight side effects but nothing serious. Again, we praise God for His goodness.

Thanks for praying with and for us.

2 thoughts on “God is at Our Side”

  1. We will keep praying, God is good!! Looking forward to Jim’s message at
    Northgate Alliance!!

    Phil Cavanaugh and family

  2. Hello, Jim and Lois!! Thank you for the update.

    I was driving home from Zane’s ball tournament today and had American Family Radio on. I heard the song Awesome God, and whenever I hear that song now, I think of Lois. Roger and I have been so touched by the human testamonial to God’s unbounded love, grace, power and love that you both are. After the song, I was thinking about cancer and Lois, and I thought about the countless limitations cancer has and the total lack of limitations God has. As you have shown, once you give your life to Christ and lay all your burdens – including cancer – at his feet, your burdens no longer have any power over you. Cancer might take your hair, but it cannot take your heart. Cancer can ravage the body, but as you have shown, it cannot plunder the Holy Spirit within you. Next to God, cancer is a big wimp. I couldn’t believe it when I arrived home and found your update waiting for me!! What timing. (God’s timing!!) Roger and I continue to lift you and your family up in prayer, and we continue to be humbled, moved, touched and changed by the strength of your faith, the power of your witness, and the hope, joy and peace that comes from your reminders that there is no disease that can rob us of our eternal life in Him. Thank you so much for modeling for Roger and I what it means to truly walk in the Lord. We love you both. God bless you. We’ll be anxious to hear how August 19th goes!!

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