Update on Lois – May 7, 2009

We arrived home on Tuesday at 11 pm. Transfusing the two units of blood took a long time; and to extend the wait even further, the last unit finished at the same time as shift change!

Lois is sleeping fairly well at night. The steroid spray in her nose seems to have helped with congestion – she just wakes up with serious dry-mouth. Our biggest challenge is pain management. It’s not that Lois has a lot of pain – she describes it more as discomfort in her belly and sides– but the oral medication requires a lot more time before it takes effect. Extra Strength Tylenol to gives her a lot of relief in between the long acting morphine. We’re learning the routines of medication including the Lovenox injections to prevent more blood clots.

Lois moves between the recliner and the couches most of the day. Her temp is close to normal and her blood pressure is not as high as it was on Monday. She is resting and eating and resting some more as we trust God that she will have the strength to receive a Chemo infusion on Tuesday, May 12.

Unless something unusual happens, I’ll wait until after the infusion before sending the next update.

We know God is leading and guiding – His will is being worked out in our lives. Thanks for praying.

One thought on “Update on Lois – May 7, 2009”

  1. You are two of our heroes in faith. Your strength and trust in God is simply amazing. We love you and are praying for all of you. Hugs all around!

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