Every Church Could Use a Little Faith

This past weekend I had the privilege of facilitating a church Leadership Conference. We began our discussions on Friday evening and when we gathered on Saturday morning, one of the participants brought Faith. She walked right up to me and said, “Who are you?”

I introduced myself and asked her name. She responded, “Faith. I’m 8 until my next birthday.”

By this time I was right down at her level and asked, “When is your next birthday?”

“November,” she replied.

“My birthday is in November, too!” I said, “On the 4th. What day is your birthday on?”

“10,” she said. And a very special relationship was born.

Every church could use a little Faith.

Sunday morning I arrived for Sunday School to find Faith and her Mom already there. Faith greeted me like a long-lost friend and carried on quite a conversation with the central theme that she would make sure I knew everybody. And she did!

For the next 15 minutes, each person who entered the church – no matter which of the three entrances they were using – was greeted by Faith who said, “You need to shake hands with Jim.” She then proceeded to lead them to where I was standing and even if I was talking to someone else, Faith would take my hand and say, “You need to shake hands with them,” and point to whomever she had in tow.

Some of the encounters were funny because Faith was no respecter of persons. Even if the individual or couple had been present all weekend at the Leadership Conference, she insisted that we be introduced as if we had never met.

I don’t think Faith knows what the term “stranger” really means within the context of the church. It was clear that in her mind I needed to meet everyone and each one should shake my hand. Sometimes she couldn’t remember their names but she didn’t forget mine and took every opportunity to remind people that my birthday was in November, too!

Faith made me feel important; welcome; part of the family.

Every church could use a little Faith.

I wonder who makes guests at your church feel welcome and important.

Please don’t take this as a suggestion to recruit 8 yr olds to be greeters. And don’t assume that every guest needs to be introduced to every regular attender.

My point is this: Someone should attempt to establish a rapport with a newcomer; find some common ground – it might be as simple as sharing a birthday month. That individual could then find others with a shared interest and introduce the guest. All this needs to be done with innocent sincerity – like that of an 8 yr old. False pretenses must always be avoided and the greeter should never shy away in embarrassment.

Our goal should be to help visitors feel important; welcome; part of the family.

Every church could use a little Faith.

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  1. Faith is the substance of what every attender hopes for (someone who cares about them)and the evidence of things not seen (love and acceptance) I want to have a little Faith at our church!

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