Update on Chemo #8

On Wednesday, October 15, Lois received the eighth infusion of Chemo drugs. We received another miracle in the continuous flow of answered prayer as there were no unusual reactions.

The cooler weather is causing some challenges with the extreme sensitivity to cold that comes with one of the drugs but Lois is coping. In fact, she is doing so well that we are leaving after church tomorrow, Oct 19, and will have supper with her brother and his wife in Omaha. We will then travel on to Colorado and spend Tuesday evening and Wednesday with my Aunt Harriet in Montrose before driving to Colorado Springs where I will attend the CareGivers Forum and Lois will spend the days with her sister, Beth. We’ll arrive back home on Monday night, October 27.

On Wednesday, October 29 we begin the day of tests, evaluations and consultations at 7 a.m. in Iowa City. We are trusting the Lord to give the doctors continued wisdom in planning further treatments.

Thanks for praying!

5 thoughts on “Update on Chemo #8”

  1. Hi Jim and Lois,

    I’m glad to hear that all continues to go well with the treatment. One of my parishioners, Randy, said that he had met you down in Iowa City. Keep praying for him, will you. This is his second bout of cancer since I’ve been here, and they tell him that it is terminal. He’s struggling. Randy has faith in God, but . . . this causes a lot of questions. I talked with him about asking Jesus Christ to be his Savior (he’s done that) and loving the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and your neighbor as yourself. He said, “I’ve never just sat down and talked with a minister before. You’re so easy to talk to.” I told him that if he’d met you two that he’d been prayed for!!

    Have a great time on your trip! Better get to Colorado before the snow flies!


  2. Hello Family in Iowa,
    We miss you all and think of you constantly. I am strengthened by your courage and amazed by God’s continued miracles. (Is it a bad thing that I am amazed. I should expect our wonderful God to do the miraculous.) Kari sent us pictures of you and Natalie. She looks like a beautiful little doll!

    Wish I could see you in person – trying to work something out even though it’s far away.

    We love you and pray for you all.

  3. Dear Lois and Jim,
    We are traveling these days. On our way to Branson, and Indianapolis for a National Girl Scout Convention and a reunion of guys I took basic training with in 53-54 in Fort Riley Kansas.We are in Kasas City, MO for this past week, with Mary’s Sister. We are leaving here tomorrow.
    Sister Mildred is failing fast. She is on morfine as of yesterday when I talked to my Nephew.
    Glad to hear Lois is feeling up to travel. Have a good safe trip.

    Love Mary and Jack

  4. Prayers can come from the most unlikely and unsual places imaginable. My case in points is that I ever since Kari and I got back in touch via email this past month, I have been praying for you both and the family. I thoroughly enjoy reading your updates!

    Leah (Cobler) Hallgren

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