The Latest Test Results

We had a great time in Colorado and arrived home on Monday evening so we could spend one night in our own bed. Tuesday, Oct 28, we drove to Iowa City to stay the night since we needed to be at the hospital by 6:30 am on Wednesday. This was the appointment for the once-every-eight-weeks check-up, evaluation, and consultation as well as Chemo Infusion #9.

All the results of the lab work were encouraging.  Although Lois’ hemoglobin is on the low side of normal, the Dr wasn’t concerned. The CT Scan showed the tumors in the liver looked the same as they did the first week of September – when she had the last Scan. The tumors have not grown but have not shrunk. The biggest one in the liver looks black which they say is a good sign. The spot on the lung has not changed.

Based on all this, the Oncology team decided to change the “chemo cocktail” for the next four infusions. The Oxaliplatin is being subtracted and “put back in the arsenal” so they can use it again if the tumors begin growing. This is the drug which has caused Lois to be extremely sensitive to cold – especially touching cold items and eating/drinking cold food. It has also been the source of the slight neuropathy she has experienced in her hands and feet. We are especially thankful that Lois can be off this during the cold months!

We will continue to travel to the University Hospital every two weeks for infusions of Avastin and Leucovorine. Since Lois is no longer on the Oxaliplatin they were able to double the dose of Leucovorine. Lois will also continue the “fanny pack pump” infusion of Fluorouracil, which is also called 5FU, which is started at the hospital after the other infusions are done and then runs for 46 hours at which time a home-health nurse comes to our house to disconnect. (We joking say that Lois is “deported” every two weeks!)

Both of us are confident that God is working miracles. Every day is a miracle! The results of this Scan and the accompany lab work continue to increase our hope for the future. We were hoping the tumors would shrink but know that God is in control.

Many thanks for praying for Lois and me and our whole family.  We continue to be overwhelmed by your friendship.

2 thoughts on “The Latest Test Results”

  1. You two are walking, living testaments to true faith reaping abundant blessings. Thanks for being you. Sunday is Pastor’s last day at Point and we are having “Open House” for them from 2 – 4 o’clock, just in case you missed it in the paper. You seem to be kinda busy on your own 🙂 Anyway, hope to see you soon.

  2. huhhhh if I was your doctor I couldn’t have said it any better! Good. I pray for you each morning and trust HIM to do according to HIS good and perfect plan. We don’t know the purpose in it all right now but…..I thought as I read in one of the devotionals: “Father, we choose to love you. And we choose to reach out with your love to others who need you.” I suspect that is a part of it all, don’t you?
    Your friend in Christ,
    Pastor Phil

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