Tuesday Evening May 27

Lois has had a good day. They have taken her off all the IV’s, she is eating solid food, has been able to have two bowel movements, has walked the “circle” four times already today, and is looking a lot better than a week ago.

The Drs ordered a cystogram today to test the sutures in the bladder. The test didn’t get done until 3:30 this afternoon and we haven’t heard anything. Lois said the test was quite uncomfortable. They clamped off her catheter and filled her bladder until she was in pain. Then they took several x-rays and drained the bladder. Lois is still feeling the effects of all that. If the test was OK they should remove the catheter yet this evening, but they are very busy with three new admissions right in our area including a new roommate for Lois.

We have not heard any results from pathology or oncology. This morning, Dr. Wilkinson, our surgeon, said we might not hear much until June 9 when we come back to have the staples removed. The holiday weekend put everything behind.

We’ve been told to expect to go home tomorrow, so this afternoon Peter stayed with Lois and I went home to retrieve clothes Lois thought she could wear without irritating the incision and still accommodate the drainage tube and “bulb.” I also switched vehicles so Lois could have a van to come home in since we think that would be more comfortable that a car. Grabbed three extra pillows for the ride home, too.

If we do get to go home in the morning, it might not be possible to send an update before we get home so I decided to get this out tonight. Many thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

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