December 7 – “The Lord has done this for me.”

“The Lord has done this for me.”

Read: Luke 1:5-26

Elizabeth and Zechariah became involved in God’s timing. They were co-workers, partners with God, in the unfolding work of redemption. They entered into the work of faith, removing their disgrace and filling their lives with purpose. God’s work does not use us up and cast us off. It fulfills us. In the fullness of time God makes good on His promises. Personal fulfillment and God’s cosmic mission coincide. God’s glory and our joy stand together.

Elizabeth cherishes God’s favor. Her personal acquaintance with disgrace is overcome by blessing. Like Elizabeth we need to go beyond a barren, sometimes bitter, past and trust in God’s goodness for us.

Prayer: We rejoice in Your favor, O God and look to You for our salvation. In ourselves we cannot remove the disgrace of sin and death. We turn to You for our fulfillment, both for our personal, daily well-being and for our future everlasting life Thank you, Lord, for designing a lift plan that is for our best and your glory. Amen.

O Father, you are sovereign in all affairs of man;
No powers of death or darkness
can thwart your perfect plan.
All chance and change transcending,
Supreme in time and space,
You hold your trusting children secure in your embrace.

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