December 26 – “He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him.”

Read: Luke 2:21-35

The worship and work of Christmas continues beyond a special day of gifts and food. The first Christmas was free of sentiment and nostalgia but filled with revelation and promise. There were no accumulated habits and traditions that distanced Mary and Joseph from the real world. They suffered no emotional hang-over after Christmas day. There were no huge credit card bills or overdrawn bank accounts. Christmas was the commencement of a life filled with challenge, heart-break and commitment.

Each day is now measured in reference to the reality of Christ. On the eighth day they fulfilled the angel’s command and named their newborn son, Jesus. Some forty days later they entered the temple with their sacrifice to consecrate Jesus. They followed the
rhythm and pattern laid down by the Law and God used their obedience as an occasion for revelation. Simeon was late for Christmas until he saw Jesus and took him up in his arms. He saw in him what only the Holy Spirit could have revealed. “Blessed are you, Simeon, because flesh and blood did not reveal this to you.” In this little child Simeon saw by faith the fulfillment of God’s promise. “For my eyes have seen your salvation.”

Prayer: Father, teach us to number our days the way Simeon did that we may gain a heart of wisdom. May our plans and hopes revolve around You, O Lord. May we see Your light of revelation and behold Your glory. Help us not to fall back into an existence that lives without promise or hope. Amen.

One thought on “December 26 – “He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him.””

  1. Hi Jim, the verse at the beginning should read “waiting” not wailing (for future ref.). thanks for your work on this. blessings, Doug

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