Texas Tragedy

How do we respond? How do we answer the questions from young kids, teenagers, young adults, and especially those who are far from Jesus?

A school shooting in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, May 24, left dead 19 children and two adults plus the shooter. And there are many wounded.

The “breaking news” is that the world is broken. Evil is alive and well. But our hope is in God who is our fortress and protector in times of trouble. We take refuge in Him. (See Psalm 37)

Bad things happen to good people. Horrific, unspeakable crimes are perpetrated against helpless, defenseless children.

Is God powerful enough to stop tragedies like a teenager slaughtering children in an elementary school? Yes, absolutely! Why doesn’t God stop all these bad things from happening?

I don’t know . . .

But I DO KNOW that God did not abandon those students, teachers or first responders. He was right there with them in those terrifying moments. God is always present – never absent. He joins us in our suffering.

Even as I write this, God is in the surgical suites, hospital rooms, and funeral director’s offices. He is present in the homes where grief threatens to overwhelm because someone is now absent. God steps into our suffering. He does not leave us alone but enters into the pain, confusion, and anguish with us.

Don’t reject God because He doesn’t measure up to your standard. God is trustworthy because He is all-powerful, always present, and knows everything. Even when everything seems to be going wrong, God is still good.

Sissy Goff offers some great words for parents, grandparents – for all of us: www.facebook.com/sissy.goff

Also check out this article on “Talking to Children About Violence.” Note: We don’t endorse everything found on the NASP website!

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