Not Surprised . . . But Very Sad

A school shooting.

On Valentine’s Day.

Seventeen fatalities; 15 wounded.

Students walked past the bodies of classmates as they evacuated the building.

Scores of families devastated.

Hundreds of lives changed forever.

Evil is alive and well. Since Genesis 4 humans have killed humans in anger. As much as we would like to think we are advancing the human race not much has changed. Hatred and animus still produce unspeakable violence.

But we should not be surprised.

Satan’s job description is to “steal and kill and destroy.” (John 10:10) Until hearts turn away from individualism and selfishness we will continue to witness terrible atrocities. People will die senseless deaths.

As Followers of Jesus we are once again presented with an opportunity to respond with grace and love. We are called to love one another. We are called to love like God loves.

Let’s avoid the “pat answers” and, instead, respond to the latest tragedy with thoughtful consideration. Let’s listen to the pain of others and be careful to empathize with their confusion. As Followers of Jesus, let’s avoid being judgmental and critical and focus on inviting people to join us on this journey of knowing God and being known by Him.

The “breaking news” is that the world is broken. But our hope is in God who is our fortress and protector in times of trouble. We take refuge in Him. (See Psalm 37)

One thought on “Not Surprised . . . But Very Sad”

  1. I so agree with this!! My heart is to learn and listen more like Jesus and to walk with love and wisdom. I feel like I have so much more to learn in responding to the tragedy, the brokenness and the empathy that is needed.

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