The Day After

I grew up in church and Easter was always a very important celebration; a time where everyone in the family had responsibilities along with new clothes. I can think of only seven Easters since I was 9 yrs old where I didn’t serve in some way; wave a palm branch, run a sound system, be a greeter or an usher, speak, etc.

I also admit there are way too many years when, on the day after, life resumed as if nothing changed. Life goes on. Next up? Mother’s Day.

For many so-called Christ Followers, the Resurrection seems to make little difference. Monday morning means the return to work, school, chores, and routine with very little thought about the transforming truth that Jesus Lives!

The King of Time, the Master of the Universe, the Once-for-all Sacrificial Lamb LIVES!

By the power of the Holy Spirit, that Resurrection Reality is alive in you and me. The problems, pain, and history of the past which plague us should pale in the blazing light of Jesus in us!

We cannot ignore the Resurrection nor can we afford to celebrate Easter and then live as if it’s not true! And may God forgive us for the times when we have simply gone through the empty, meaningless motions of tradition without truth.

Christ Lives! This reality calls us to evaluate how we spend our time and money, how we use our gifts and abilities, how we conduct relationships, and how we love and reach out to those who are far from God.

Some media outlets are pretending outrage that Google chose to acknowledge Hugo Chavez yesterday rather than Jesus. Why would we be surprised? Most church-goers have ignored the reality of Easter on the Monday after.

I don’t want that to be true of me.

Jesus is alive!

The grave is empty!

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