Today the U.S. observes the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks but I am rejoicing in the second anniversary of Lois arriving in Glory! Two years ago today at 11:50 am, Lois was completely healed; the cancer was gone, she received a perfect body, and joined the throngs in Heaven who arrived ahead of her.

I find it so ironic that we sing songs and talk about how much we long for heaven but then do everything we can to avoid getting there very soon.

If there is anything that I find upsetting about Lois’ death, it’s that she arrived in heaven before me! In our utopian expectations we were supposed to arrive together.

I did not lose Lois – I know exactly where she is. Her skin and bones were left on the couch in our living room where she took her last breath. Her soul, the real Lois, is with God the Father and His Son, Jesus. Fortunately we have the Holy Spirit here with us to bear witness to the reality of eternal life.

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  1. Loved this post! Our culture has it all wrong! I love what you say about Lois… you didn’t lose her, you know exactly where she is! Same with my mom, grandparents and a myriad of other faithful followers of Christ I’ve been blessed to know in the flesh! Keep up the wonderful posts Jim!

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