“Should I throw them out?”

The recent media coverage of “Love Wins,” a new book from Rob Bell, has produced a lot of emotion. It is interesting to read and listen to all the pundits pass judgment on the book and on the author. Is Bell a Universalist? He says he’s no, but the book leaves one with the opposite impression. Many pastors and leaders have expressed their own opinions and it’s fueled quite a debate among Evangelicals of all flavors. Time magazine even featured the controversy as its cover story.

I’ve read the book and also a score of blog posts and listened to or watched several interviews. It’s prompted me to refresh my memory of the definition of universalism as well as Christian Particularism. And books like “Love Wins” always help me review and renew why I believe – not just what.

This controversy and media attention has resulted in calls, emails, and text messages with the same general question, “Should I throw out all my Nooma videos?” My answer is, “No, but with this stipulation: Use them cautiously.”

If we screen everything from anyone we have a disagreement with on one point or another, there wouldn’t be much left. Just like any other resource, we must be vigilant when using Rob Bell’s material. And I would recommend that when it is used, we clearly state that we are not endorsing all of his views, especially his suspected universalism.

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