Ghana Update #3

Today Bill and I were able to join the rest of the team. We had no problems with customs and Michelle met us at the airport. Within two hours after landing we were at a shopping area looking at small outdoor shops featuring clothes, carvings, baskets, etc. We didn’t buy anything. Lee suggested we simply look over what is available and then come back next week right before we depart.

We arrived at the Soinus’ home which has a wall around and within the wall is the garage that Lee’s Dad remodeled into the HCJB offices several years ago. The bicycles were worked on some more and Lee tested them in the courtyard.

Tonight we all had dinner at Lee & Michelle’s and most of the HCJB staff. How exciting to meet them and hear some of their stories as we sat around the tables for over an hour. We walked to the Guest House where the guys are staying; Mary Fisher and Amy Bethea are staying with Lee and Michelle.

Tomorrow we plan to leave the city to visit a radio station and possibly distribute some of the solar-powered radios we packed in our luggage.

Pray for us as the time difference is 5-6 hours and sleep cycles are off.

One thought on “Ghana Update #3”

  1. Hi Jim and team
    Your reports are greatly appreciated. It really sound exciting. Indeed, we need more open ears and eyes as to what HE has in store for us to see and experience. He is gracious. When do you anticipate the distribution of the small radios? That will be such a productive time of personal touch with many. Take care and I look forward to further updates of ministry.
    Your friend in Christ, Pastor Phil

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