GHANA TRIP REPORT 1 – Learning to Wait

A seasoned travel agent gave me some sage advice more than 30 years ago. He said, “If you’re in a hurry, drive! If you fly you need lots of time and patience.” That has certainly been true so far on this Vision Trip to Ghana!

The snow started at noon in Kansas City. Bill Smith, from Camdenton, MO, and I were supposed to fly to Washington Dulles at 5:21 but there were delays, mostly due to the snow storm. At one point, as we were sitting on the snow covered tarmac, the pilot came on the intercom to report that the deicing crew working on the Airbus ahead of us had become confused and had to start the deicing process all over again. We sat there for an hour. Even though the pilot made up a lot of time in the air, we still arrived at Washington Dulles at the same time as our flight to Ghana was taking off.

We laughed, even though we didn’t feel like it, as we were sent to three different United Airlines service areas before finding someone who could help us. If we could give an award for the most helpful person of the day, that agent would’ve won, hands down! What we found out is that we have to wait 24 hours for the next flight. There really aren’t any other reasonable options.

The airline gave us a number to call to get a room for “travelers in distress” and we ended up at the Westin in Reston Heights, VA – free shuttle, reasonable price. We got to the hotel and 1 am and slept until way past 9 this morning. Used the hotel shuttle to go to a shopping area where we found a nice restaurant for brunch.

Didn’t do much walking around since we left our coats in Kansas City! Who needs coats in Ghana where its 90 with 85% humidity?

We have our room until 8 pm tonight – we have to be back to the airport around 8:30 for our 10:43 pm flight to Accra, Ghana. We are praying there are no more delays – snow is predicted to begin here in the DC Metro area later this afternoon!

We keep reminding ourselves: This is an adventure! We are practicing patience and praying we don’t need more. We are treating shuttle drivers, hotel staff, airline agents, and waiters with respect and gratefulness; trying to delight in the world where God has placed us.

I have a missionary friend who tells a story about God bringing someone into his life “to make me a better Christian than I want to be.” If that is our situation, so be it. Father God, make us better Christians than we want to be!

3 thoughts on “GHANA TRIP REPORT 1 – Learning to Wait”

  1. Jim, I sure am praying for all of you! I so wanted to go, but God kept shutting the door. I know now why with my treatment just nearing completion. I sure got zapped a week ago which took me by surprise. What God kept reminding me of is how thankful I am that nothing takes HIM by surprise – NOTHING (not even snow storms)! He also reminded me that there is purpose in the process. For me, these truths are comforting. Please know that you and the rest of the team are definitely in my daily prayers! Tell, Randy, when you see him, that Shay is also very much in my daily prayers! Blessings to you! Charlene Bloomfield

  2. Well, grateful you have an option and are cared for in the mean-time. While I relate to your disappointment, I relish your outlook!

  3. Jim – I’ve always said when something goes wrong you have two choices laugh or cry – crying makes your face wet- laughing burns more calories, is contagious, and lifts your spirits, so laugh and thank God for the opportunity to do so.

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