Infusion #23

We had a good conversation with Dr. Halfdanarson yesterday. No matter how long we have to wait, he always sits down and talks and makes sure we understand what’s going on. Lois’ lab work showed the white count was down and her kidney function is OK –that’s good news. However, her liver function is off a little and her hemoglobin was down another 1.5 points. Those are levels we will watch closely for four to six weeks until the next CT Scan.

Because the Clinic was closed for Memorial Day, all the Monday patients were pushed to Tuesday and Wednesday so the place was crowded. We checked in at 8:30 am and finished in the Oncology Clinic at 11 am and waited until 2 pm for a chair in the Infusion center. While we waited we asked for a pager and went to the Melrose Dining Room for lunch and then to the pharmacy to take care of a paperwork snafu.

I moved Lois around the hospital in a wheelchair although her sprained ankle is starting to heal and she can at least put some weight on it. She is still using crutches around the house. The ankle is turning all the colors of the rainbow but at least it’s not throbbing every time she moves around.

During the long infusion Lois was able to sleep and probably got a three hour nap! I spent over two hours out in the skywalk on the phone. Afterwards I was surprised that she was feeling well enough to be hungry for I-Hop. So we stopped there and she had breakfast and I had supper. We arrived home at 8 pm.

It’s Thursday afternoon and Lois is resting. So far, no nausea or diarrhea and she still has an appetite. She is feeling well enough that she enjoyed our four grandsons when they stopped by for a visit this morning. Friday afternoon home health care will come and unhook the fanny pack pump.

Thanks for praying for and with us.

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  1. My Brother and Sister in Christ, We know you are going through another valley, but the great gentle Shepherd is walking with you. There are times when His strong arms will carry you. He knows all your concerns, and His great love, grace, and mercy will encourage and sustain you. Kathy and I and Hidden Valley Church are praying for you and on your behalf. Love and Prayers, Curtis and Kathy Romang

  2. Well it is good to have the up date as I had mentioned the other day, wondering how you were doing and Jim replied and said an up date was coming as sure enough it was here. It sound good for all that you have gone through and the good signs after all the waiting and “stuff.” I have learned recently of the Law of Exchange and simple viewing the negative in positive terms….He is faithful and He certainly attends those changes to the positive. Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice…..that is an imperative and like all of us we have to work on that! Have a great remainder of the week. Your friend in Christ, Phil

  3. Thanks for the update. It’s so helpful to know what is going on as we pray and think of you often. We will continue to pray. We love you. Mark and Marilyn

  4. Prayers come from the unexpected and the unexpected always comes from God. Whether it be what we want or not. I’m glad to reconnect with your daughter and to read about how Lois is doing daily. 🙂

  5. Hi Jim & Lois,
    So good to hear the results and comments from you in regards to the treatment and report on Lois. Have spoken with your mom, Jim, recently, so was glad to see the written message forwarded by Ellie to several of us.
    Continuing to pray for appetite and healing from the treatments and God’s mighty hand in this matter. How joyous to receive the grandchildren on your return.

  6. We are glad that you got a good report and we will keep her in our prayers. We all know that GOD is in charge and he knows what her condition is. He will always be the greatest physican of all times, and we can be thankful for that. God Bless and Keep you both. Amen

  7. Thanks for the report. We think of you often and thank the Lord for His Love for you. We continue to Pray for His goodness and healing. We Love you. Lee and family come on June 7th and we look forward to that.

  8. Thank you for your updates on Lois. I really appreciate hearing how she is doing and the family as well. We name you, Lois, every Sunday for prayer at Packwood Christian. We pray for you daily. We know God has a plan…..we don’t necessarily like the route, but know He has a great plan for you and a hand in your life. Continue to do well. Love in Christ, Donna

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