Lois and I feel as if we are living in a miracle. That was confirmed again on Wednesday, Oct 1, when Lois had Chemo infusion #7 and, as in the past, she experienced no serious reactions! That is a miracle!

At one point, as the infusion was taking place on Wednesday afternoon, there were four nurses standing at the door mostly incredulous that Lois is holding up so well. All the medical professionals are smiling when they see us and comment often about Lois’ positive attitude, increasing strength, and capacity for dealing with the slight neuropathy she does experience in her hands and feet.

We repeatedly give God credit for the miracle we are living.  What a privilege to represent Him to people who become so jaded with suffering and death.

We also rejoice in the miracle of new life. Natalie Jean was born September 25th to our daughter Kari and Jeremy Hamilton. She joins her big sister, Sarah who just turned two a few weeks ago. Natalie weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and was 20 inches long. On September 30 she was already back to her birth weight! Kari was able to deliver naturally even though they induced labor. Everyone came home on Saturday, Sept 27.

8 thoughts on “LIVING IN THE MIRACLE”

  1. What a blessing. Thanks for the encouraging word. Be assured that we are all continuing to pray for you. Michelle passes on any news to us since our computer is still down. That has been a big disappointment since we wanted to keep in touch more often while here in Ghana. Perhaps we’ll get it back up before we leave here in early December, but we may not. The time is going by rapidly and we are all keeping super busy.

    Greetings to your mother, Jim, and know you are being brought to the throne of grace each day – from across the Atlantic.

    Pauline & Ron

  2. Hi Jim and Lois,

    I am rejoicing and praising God with you. Having serious medical problems really gets us back to what’s important, doesn’t it?

    And, Lois and Jim, I think you are joyful witness for our Lord Jesus no matter where you go or what you do. However, God has led you to this special group of people who are trained to rely on science and medicine. We all need to be reminded that while science and medicine are wonderful, there is something-someone even more wonderful!

    I miss your daily presence in my life.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. I didn’t hear until several days later that you had been to visit, Lois. I’m glad that you and Jamie had time to ‘set a spell’. I too, miss you, but lift you up in prayer every time your name comes to mind. Such good news about Natalie, and that mom and babe are doing well. I always knew you were special, but this is a nice confirmation of that. Love you and yours

  4. Nice Family I will keep the data for future book updates.


    PS: Thanks for keeping us uptodate on Lois. My Sister Mildred will be 84 in November and is fighting the cancer battell. We were out to see her the 24 to the 28 of Oct.

  5. Jim and Lois, God is AWESOME and AMAZING, He gives new life even in the midst of your struggle to live life to HIS glory!!!! Congrats to Jeremy and Kari Beth on the addition of a beautiful baby girl. New life is a wonderful reminder of HIS faithfulness to us. I am glad to hear that things are going well and that Lois is able to continue to enjoy everyday that God gives you. When we are well we tend to take the gift of each day for granted, but we really begin to live life to the fullest when we recognize that everyday is a gift from God. What a testimony it is when we can find joy and comfort in Him, even in our most difficult times. I continue to lift you up in prayer and I thank GOD for every remembrance of you. In Christ, Deb.

  6. You guys are a great inspiration to the reality that all of us are affected by severe health issues, either our own or someone elses that we love very dearly. Knowing that Christ gives the ability to stand firm in our faith that everything is in his hands, regardless, is a great encouragement to so many people when they hear the news that their health is under attack. The truth is, Christ gives life, and it has little to do with our health.

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