Answered Prayer

In the past few days there have been many questions about how Lois is doing. The only possible response is that she is doing better than anyone can believe and that’s an answer to prayer! Maybe the following statements will help communicate that Lois is doing great:

  • One morning last week Lois spent an hour outside with all five grandkids blowing bubbles.
  • Lois has resumed taking care of all the laundry at our house and helps Kari and Joy with theirs.
  • She is cooking, doing light cleaning, and taking care of the many flowers and plants she’s received.
  • Lois is driving, running errands, and visiting people.
  • She has been with me multiple times to visit my Mom in the nursing home in Sigourney.
  • On Father’s Day, she attended church and then we spent until 3 in the afternoon at Joy & Tony’s house with all the family.
  • Lois is experiencing very little pain or discomfort and is only taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen as needed.
  • She is able to sleep well at night and takes at least an hour nap each day.

Last week at this time we were talking seriously about Lois going with me to meetings in Ohio. However, over the weekend it became apparent that she is doing too well to sit around in a hotel room while I’m in board meetings so she stayed home. Monday she spend all day at Joy’s houose helping with the kids. (Turnabout is fair play: After all four of Joy’s C-sections, Lois had to lift the kids up to sit on Joy’s lap. Now its Joy’s turn to put the kids in the chair with Lois!) Fortunately she did stay home because the dentist called today. They had a cancellation and were able to take Lois this morning to begin the dental work that has to be completed by July 9.

Thanks so much for praying! I hope you have a better understanding of the answered prayer we are experiencing.

3 thoughts on “Answered Prayer”

  1. Have been down with dizziness again, so today is the first I’ve been on my feet for more than minutes at a time.

    Has given me more time to pray :/) for ya! I have to go back to work before they find a replacement…so will ride in with Jamie and home with Jim.

    I am so happy to hear that you have minimal pain and are enjoying those grandkids!

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