Saturday, May 24

Its 7:45 am. and Lois is resting after rounds – five different Drs have been in to see her and they removed the dressing from the incision. All the staples are holding and there is no visible infection at the incision site! She says she got some rest during the night, but there were lots of interruptions for labs, changing IV bags, emptying the drainage tube receptacle, and checking urine output.

Still nothing by mouth except ice chips. We are still waiting for the bowel to wake up so she can start a liquid diet. They are pushing extra sodium and potassium; giving pepcid to keep down stomach acid, and she gets an IV antibiotic every six hours. She says she doesn’t have a lot of pain – still staying ahead of the curve. Oxygen level is less than optimum so they have the minimum amount running. The Surgical team thinks the urine is looking better but they are still a little concerned about the amount of output so there will be another increase in IV fluids.

Lois has a great attitude toward everything and is pushing the nursing assistants to get her up – yesterday she walked to the nurse’s station twice and sat in the chair three different times.

Kari and Jeremy brought Sarah (20 mo) yesterday and she sat next to her BaBa in the bed. Joy and Tony brought Brently (2 mo) and he enjoyed laying at the foot of the bed. Joy and Tony’s older boys are also up here but only Brady (6 in August) came in to hug BaBa. Peter has been staying with me but will probably go back home this afternoon to be at church tonight and tomorrow.

Several comments have been made asking if we believe God could do a miracle and the answer is a resounding, YES! Here’s our understanding of Scripture:

From the opening of The Story in Genesis it is plain that our God is a God of miracles. He reveals Himself to the Israelites when the waters of the Red Sea part for them to cross on dry ground. Every 8 yr old in Israel could tell the story but it was and is a story about God. God parted the waters. God provided the manna. God brought down the walls of Jericho. God. And the theme is continued throughout the Old Testament. Did the people of Israel deserve those miracles? No. They were/are a sinful, rebellious people who over and over again reject God and turn to selfish, idolatrous ways.

In the New Testament, Jesus is insistent that the miracles He does are not to bring attention to himself but to His Father who sent him. We often wonder about all the miracles Jesus undoubtably did that we know nothing about because Jesus modeled perfectly what it means to honor and glorify the Father

Think of the stories which surround each miracle. In each one we learn how desperate the situation is and then, unexpectedly, God steps in. And God the Father is praised and exalted because this life is all about God not about us.

I’ve shared all this so that you’ll have a better understanding that our family believes this is all about God. Not about Lois or me or any of us as individuals. We don’t deserve anything from God and have done nothing to merit His favor.

Do we ask for a miracle? Yes – if it is His will. But we will continue to be humbly obedient and steadfast in striving to walk in the way so wonderfully laid out in the Word no matter what happens.

In many ways, Lois and I have already experienced so many miracles that we are amazed at God’s work. He has given us three children who have grown into capable, thoughtful adults who are living in an understanding of the Word. Our daughters have brought two men into our family who we love as if they are our own sons. We have five incredible grandchildren who bring laughter and hope for another generation of committed Christ-followers. These are miracles we see and live with every day. That gives us great hope for yet other miracles but only if the attention, adoration, glory and honor are directed to our God.

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  1. Jim and Lois,
    This kind of opportunity to communicate is new to me, but wonderful. You know the prayers and hopes of those of us in the Prairie View UMC family are also with you. Your thoughts about “miracles” are a profound witness. The scripture used at Baccalaureate seems so appropriate here, too:
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jer. 29:11)
    Thanks for the testimony to God’s love and faithfulness, and his “blessed assurance” in your hearts!
    Warmly yours,
    Dave Nolte

  2. Thanks for posting updates on this site…it’s pretty handy! Lois, Jim, and the rest of the family, I love you guys and I’m praying for you! You are amazing people and God is most definitely glorified through your hearts and attitudes and service to him. Just within the last several days you have already been an amazing example of faith and trust in the LORD even in scary times, and people are watching you…God is already working good out of this beyond anything we can ask or imagine. I’m praying for that miracle and God’s sustaining strength for you while we’re waiting for it.

    On a purely practical note, my schedule is switching and I will be working days instead of evenings, so if there is any need for an evening babysitter or cook or housecleaner or laundry-doer sometime, let me know! I’d be happy to help out ANY way I can.

  3. We too are praying for a miracle for you and your family! God has more power than we can fathom, and that is just awesome! Christ is very evident in how you guys are handling this situation with such grace and gratitude. Sending many, many hugs. You are on our minds constantly. Take care and we look forward to having you home. Love you very much, the Derscheids!

  4. Praying for you in your struggles. What a hard week. I really wanted to believe that the doctors had made a horrible mistake. I still pray that somehow Lois will wake up and be completely fine with no explanation. I know that is likely because of the God we serve.
    Hang in there. Consider all the options, wholistic included, when considering treatment options. Know that traditional medicine is not the only way possible to treat this.
    We love you guys!

  5. Jim thanks for continuing to teach in the midst of what you are going through. We do pray that God would do something supernatural in Lois and recognize that “If He is willing”….He will and if He is not then He gives us His Grace and Mercy. These obviously have been present. We will continue to pray

  6. It is refreshing to see a family that so dearly loves the Lord that they commit to love and follow Him through even this. Trusting that the Lord’s will is the priority here, even if it doesn’t look like what we expect it to! Thank you for being a willing vessel. I love your family and I pray for all of you daily!

    If I haven’t thanked you before, thank you for all you have done for my family. I only wish I could return the blessing.

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