My Mom, Clarice, had surgery yesterday and it went well although she is still in Intensive Care. She has four screws in her neck, two from C-1 into C-2 and two from C-3 holding C-2. She only has the wear the neck brace when she gets out of bed. The challenge came when they tried to remove the breathing tube. That didn’t work and she ended up on the ventilator all night. They removed the breathing tube this morning and Mom is breathing on her own and her vitals are stable.

The plan is to continue to stabilize her by weaning her off some of the medication, dealing with a little bit of drainage from the incision, and helping her swallow. If all this goes well she could be back on the Neurology floor before nightfall or at least by tomorrow morning.

Mom will spend 3-4 days at the University Hospital before transferring to skilled care at the Keokuk County Health Center in Sigourney. That will be close to family.

Thanks for praying

Jim Eschenbrennner

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