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My Mom, Clarice, fell in the early hours of Wednesday morning and broke her neck. As I write this, I am in her room at the University of Iowa Hospital in Iowa City where she is receiving wonderful care. Fortunately there is no evidence of damage to her spinal cord and no loss of feeling or movement. The Dr. has given the options: either have surgery to fuse the vertebrae or wear a neck brace for the rest of her life.

Mom is very anxious and uncomfortable. She was unable to sleep at all last night – just can’t deal with the neck brace and all the limitations. She’s also very sore from the fall. It’s very difficult to sit or lay in one position for more than 15 min without an overwhelming desire to move. This afternoon they did a swallowing test because that has become a problem. Soft, pureed foods only for the foreseeable future.

After prayer, talking with family members, and consulting with several friends, Mom has decided to pursue surgery. Right now they are working to schedule surgery for Monday or Tuesday. There is some swelling in Mom’s neck at C2 & C3, where the break is, and they have to give that time to go down. Please pray for surgery at the earliest possible time.

From what we understand, Mom will be at the University Hospital for three days following surgery before being transferred to skilled care in Oskaloosa. From there we just don’t know what the plans might be.

Many thanks for all your prayers and calls.


4 thoughts on “From Univeristy Hospital”

  1. So sorry to hear of your Mom’s injury – how scary! We will be in prayer for her. You might also be in prayer for Randall Elliott. They have only given him a couple of more days to live.

  2. I am very sorry about your Mother’s fall and resulting injury, and I do pray that surgery can be done soon and that she will have a full recovery.

    In Him,

  3. Jim;
    I had a word of prayer for you Mom… hoping she will recover quickly. There is a reason for everything…. God be with you at this time.

    Serving Our Savior.

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