New Life Tragedy

B from OHIO called about the tragedy at New Life Church: I’d like to know if they usually have armed security or if they had weapons only because of what had happened during the night at the YWAM place in Denver. IF a church needs security they shouldn’t carry loaded weapons.

K from MO writes: Loaded weapons in a church? No way! Too risky.

C spoke to me on the phone: Satan is attacking the church in more ways than one. Ushers should have a Taser and know how to use it.

J sent this email: My heart goes out to all those who’s lives were forever changed by what this young man did.  I also want to say my heart goes out to the young man who obviously had a lot of pain and struggle inside.  I do believe that this situation brings us to at least one moral dilemma, if not more.   . . . if a person believes in police protecting them (or any one else) with the use of force outside of the church building, then why on earth would it be wrong for someone to do the same inside the church building.  The argument, I know, is that we should trust God to protect us and I agree but the Scriptures are full of times where God used people to protect others by using force.  Trusting God does not mean we should pass up all physical means of protection while waiting for His supernatural protection.  Now some would say, “I just don’t think we should have guns in church.”  I am not saying we need to all pack a hand gun to church but if there is a threat and there is a gun there, then by all means, save lives with it.

D from OH writes: I keep a loaded shotgun in the pulpit. (Just kidding!) But maybe we ought to consider being armed to protect our selves from these crazies.

D responded by email: Your comments relative to the tragedy at the Colorado Springs church were provocative to say the least.  What would I do?  That probably can’t be answered clearly until one finds himself in that situation.  For myself I have a license to carry a concealed weapon. No one knows when I carry it or needs to know but I have it to help out in just the situation you are discussing.  I am not so much concerned about my own safety as for my wife and family or those around me who may not be able to protect themselves.

F from MN writes: The shootings at both the YWAM house and New Life Church come from the bias toward Christians from the media. If it weren’t for the godless liberal news we wouldn’t have this problem. How much do metal detectors cost? Much more, I think, than most churches could afford. Most people will get a gun inside church if they want to.

M from OH in a phone conversation: This is why God never meant for churches to be so huge. That way everybody knows everybody. These big churches are just asking for trouble because it gets the troublemakers on TV.

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  1. Looks like you stired up a stink. I still say those who have been trained should have a concealed weapon. I even liked the guy with the shotgun in the pulpit.


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